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The world will beat a path to your store. Build it, and they will come. Our automated signup process is quick and easy. We will have you ready in minutes. The first step is selecting a hosting plan.

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LionsGate Hosting :: About Us

Like the bridge we are named after, we are here to bridge the gap: the gap between your company and the Web. The world will beat a path to your store. Build it, and they will come. We are here to host your web presence.

LionsGate Hosting, a division of LionsGate Creative in collaboration with Xcite.Net, provides affordable and professional web hosting to individuals and businesses, small and large. Our servers are located in Manhattan, New York, United States. Our pentium based Linux/Apache servers are monitored 24/7 onsite in a secure, climate controlled east coast data center with smart UPS and backup generators. The connection is on multiple firewalled fast ethernet segments into separate fiber backbone rings providing redundancy and multiple routing options. All servers utilize the latest hardware and software to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality in service. You can be confident that you are hosted on a server being protected by redundant HVAC (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning), fire suppression, CCTV and Smart Card Access security, and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. You can expect 99.9% uptime.

LionsGate Hosting does not and will never offer "Unlimited Hosting"

Why? Because there is no such thing. It is a marketing gimmick to pull in new clients. It is also deceptive: especially unlimited bandwidth! All of us web hosts are all about limited resources, but we here at LionsGate Hosting are honest about it. However, we offer a variety of plans that should accommodate most needs. If not, we would be open to discussing customizing an existent plan to meet your hosting demands. We want your business, but we won't do anything like lying to get it. Sign up with a "unlimited hosting" host, and you could find your site quickly suspended, or slow due to other sites hogging the server resources: very common as these type hosts typically oversell server space. Not us, because we want you as customers for life!

LionsGate Hosting does not and will never offer "Cheap Hosting"

Why? Because to make a profit, cheap web hosts oversell their servers: setup too many clients on servers. The consequence is that server resources (including CPU and RAM) are overtaxed, and sites on the server are slow and prone to failing. Everybody loses - everybody except the web host. We have seen web hosts offering hosting for as low as 99 cents per month! With no exception, these web hosts have negative reviews. Combine Unlimited Hosting and Cheap Hosting, and you have a recipe for disaster: a "Perfect i-Storm." LionsGate Hosting is not cheap hosting. We, instead, offer cost effective hosting that benefits everyone: including ALL clients. We never oversell. We only sell.